Seminars of LAMA

Four regular seminars take place at LAMA, in the seminar room, first floor of the building Le Chablais, (see How to come ?).

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EDPs²Friday 12th November 2021 at 14h Braxton Osting (Univ Utah, USA),
à venir

GéométrieThursday 28th October 2021 at 14h Nhan Nguyen (Basque Center for Applied Mathematics),
Mostowski's regular projection theorem in o-minimal structures

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In this talk, we will show that given a definable set X of IR^n with empty interior, there exists a definable bi-Lipschitz homeomorphism h from IR^n to IR^n such that h(X) has a finite set of regular projections (in the sense of Mostowski). A consequence of this result is that Parusinski's regular cover theorem holds for definable sets in an arbitrary o-minimal structure