● 6th International Conference on Uniform Distribution Theory (UDT 2018)

This conference will take place in October 1-5, 2018. More information on the conference website UDT2018.

● International Summer School "Zeta functions, polyzeta functions and arithmetical series: applicationsto motives and number theory"

June 18-28, 2018;
Venue: scientific campus of le Bourget du Lac, University Savoie Mont Blanc (CNRS 2018 Thematic School).
More information on the conference website etzetas2018.

● Workshop "Termination and Circular Proofs", 19th of July 2017, Chambéry

Termination is a very active research topic, which is essential for the construction of proof assistants. Indeed, a circular proof (i.e., a proof having the freedom of using its own goal as a premise) is only valid if it is well-founded, and thus terminating in some sense. This one day workshop aims at bringing together researchers from both the termination and the proof assistant communities around a few talks, in the hope of stimulating interactions and fruitful discussions.

More informations on the workshop web page.

● Workshop on Coinduction in Type Theory, July 3 to July 6, Chambery

A workshop on Coinduction in Type Theory will take place on the Bourget-du-Lac campus of Savoie Mont Blanc University from July 3 to July 6, organised by the LIMD team of LAMA.
The workshop is organised around 3 invited mini-courses:

More information available on the CoTT2017 website.