EDPs2 : "Partial derivative equations : deterministic and probabilistic studies"

Team description:

The EDPs2 team is based on the federative topic of non linear partial derivative equations. This team is made up of several professors and researchers, all of them completing one another, specialists in analysis and/or scientific calculation of partial derivative equations, theory of stochastic processes and/or numerical probabilities.

This recent grouping (mixing deterministic and sotchastic aspects : theory and scientific calculation) is both original and ambitious, and matches the real need of a better understanding of complex systems all around us (environment, biology-medicine, industry, ...). It allows for example to tackle with different points of view : free boundary problems (dynamic and stable states, image processing, support evolution), scale and multiple physics problems (complex fluids, image processing), problems about homogenisation effects and defect measures (roughness, breaks), optimization and identification problems (optimal transport, data assimilation, parameter identification).

Publications of EDPs2 team

One can find in this file Publications the recent list of publications (2014-2019).

Recent results:

Non-linear analysis of PDE

Theoretical results

Modelling and numerical simulation

PDE Control

Optimal packing

Interactions with others fields

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