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Centre Paul Langevin

The center has a web page: Centre Paul Langevin, with some additional information there. Briefly, the Centre Paul Langevin is owned by the CAES, an institution providing several cultural, social and sportive activities to members of the CNRS (and other institutes) and their families.

Coming to the Workshop

The Centre Paul Langevin has a small page (in French) explaining how to come there. Since most of the participants will arrive from abroad, here are some additional details...


The nearest airports are either Lyon or Geneva, possibly Grenoble or Torino. Both those airports have reasonable international connections. From there, you can catch a train to Modane. We also organize a car pool from Lyon.

There are smaller airports in Chambéry and Annecy. It might be difficult to find a flight landing there. You'd still need to catch a train / bus / taxi to reach Modane. (There are frequent train connection between Chambéry and Modane.)

Car trips from Lyon airport

We will either organise a car pool or rent a large taxi to take people directly from Lyon Saint-Exupery airport to Aussois. In accordance with the current information provided by participants, we propose the following possible trips:

Interested participants must send their flight number and arrival time by email to the organizing comittee.


The nearest train station is Modane. From there to the Centre Paul Langevin, it is an eight kilometer ride to the center, which costs about 23–24€ by taxi. Let us know of your arrival times, so that we can organize small groups instead of individual rides.

Train fares from Lyon and Geneva airports go approximately as follows


Apparently, the best thing is to take the highway "A43" until Modane. It's about ten kilometers from there to the Centre Paul Langevin.

Aussois and the Area

Website of the village: Aussois. More details to come. (Maybe.)

Other Hotels close to the Workshop

Staying at the Centre Paul Langevin is the easiest, since the workshop will take place there. If for some reason you prefer staying in some other place, here is a preliminary list of hotels: lodging in Aussois.