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after/après 2003

- High speed penetration in geo-materials, 2010 March, 2nd International Workshop on Advances in Computational Mechanics, Yokohama, Japan

- Plasticity of shallow flows. Applications to snow avalanches, St. Kitts, Int. Plasticity Symposium 2010, USA

- Shallow flow of a viscoplastic fluid on a plane slope, Novembre 2009, Limassol, Viscoplastic Fluids: From Theory to Applications, Cyprus

- Dynamic Eulerian modeling of visco-plastic crystals, Septembre 2009, Brussels, DYMAT 2009, Belgium

-Discontinuous velocity domain splitting method in limit analysis, Aout 2009, Barcelona, X International Conference on Computational Plasticity, COMPLAS X, Spain

- Numerical modeling of rate-dependent crystal plasticity, 2009 janvier, St. Thomas , Int. Plasticity Symposium 2009, USA

-Fluides visco-plastiques en ecoulement de faible épaisseur. Applications aux avalanches de neige, 2008 septembre, Brasov, 7ème colloque Franco-Roumain de Mathématiques Appliquées, Roumanie

-A new rigid-viscoplastic single crystal model, 2008 juillet, Athens, 3rd IC-SCEE Conference, Greece

-Schwarz Method for Slip Weakening Friction with Applications to Earthquake Source Dynamics, June 2008, Venice, IACM-ECCOMAS, 2008 World Congress Computational Mechanics, Italy

-Numerical modeling of projectile penetration into compressible rigid visco-plastic media, 2008 May, Rocammadour , 2nd ICACM conference: Materials under Extreme Loadings-Applications to Penetration and Impact, France

- Modeling ductile fracture using the discontinuous velocity domain splitting method, 2008 March, New Orleans, TMS 13th Annual Meeting and Exhibition, USA

- Modeling ductile fracture using the discontinuous velocity domain splitting method, 2008 January, Kona , Int. Plasticity Symposium 2008, EU

- Compressible rigid-viscoplastic fluids: Mathematical and numerical challenges, 2007 July, Bucarest, Congress of Romamian mathematicians, Roumanie

- Numerical modeling of penetration into cementitious materials, 2007 June, Rethymno, COPDYM Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, ECCOMAS, Creta, Greece

- Penetration of a rigid body into a compressible rigid-viscoplastic fluid, 2007 April, Naple, AERC Annual European Rheology Conference, Italy

- Finite element simulation of dynamic rupture on complex fault geometries, 2006 December, San Francisco, AGU-2006 ( American Geophysical Union), USA

- Penetration of a rigid body into a compressible rigid visco-plastic media, 2006 July, Los Angeles, 7th World Congress on Computational Mechanics, USA

- Equilibrium configurations with Coulomb friction. Existence, multiplicity and stability, 2006 June, Lisbon, ECCM-2006, III European Conference on computational mechanics, Portugal

- Shape optimization and supremal minimization approaches in limit analysis of collapse state, 2006 June, Besancon, Inequality and contact problems in Mechanics, France

- Constitutive Model for Description of High-Strain Rate Behavior of Concrete, 2006 May, Mayaguez, XXIII Conference on theoretical and applied mechanics, USA

- Generalized Cheeger sets related to landslides, 2006 April, University Antilles-Guyane, International Conference on Mathematics of Optimization and Decision Making, France

- Penetration of a rigid body into a compressible rigid-viscoplastic fluid, 2005 December, Chillan, ANCIF'05, Numerical Analysis and control of fluid-structure interactions, Chili

- Rigid-visco-plastic fluids : a solid mechanics perspective, 2005 October, Banff International Research Station, Viscoplastic Fluids: From Theory to Applications, Canada

- Pentration into rigid-visco-plastic media, 2005 October, Vancouver, University of British Columbia, The American society of Rheology, 77th anual meeting, Canada

- A genetic algorithm approach for wedged configurations with Coulomb friction, 2005 July, Hanovre, Contact Mechanics International Symposium, Germany

- Numerical modeling of penetration into compressible rigid-viscoplastic media, 2005 June, MIT, Cambridge, 3rd MIT Conference on Computational Fluid and Solid Mechanics, SUA

- Shape optimization and supremal functionals in landslides modeling, 2005 June, Baton Rouge, Mec Mat2005, SUA

- Compressible Rigid-Viscoplastic Fluids, 2005 March Grenoble, Compressible fluids, France

- Initiation des séismes : analyse spectrale et simulation numérique, 2004 November, Grenoble, Journées EDP Rhone-Alpes, France

- Safety factor analysis for landslides modeling, 2004 September, Chalkis, International Conference on Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics, Greece

- Optimization techniques in landslides modelling, 2004 September, Craïova, 7me colloque Franco-Roumain de Mathématiques Appliquées, Roumanie

- Schwarz decomposition method in capturing friction instabilities, 2004 July, Jyvaskyla, European Congress on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering, Finlande

- The anti-plane safety factor in landslides modelling, 2003 September, Saint-Etienne, Free boundary problems, France

- Initiation of instability on a fault system under slip dependent friction, 2003 September, Constantza, New trends in Continuum Mechanics, Roumanie

- Mixed finite element method for rupture initiation in a fault system, 2003 September, Smolenice, SPICE Wokshop, Slovakia

- Initiation and rupture propagation computed with high spatial order finite differences, 2003 March, Austin, SIAM conference on the numerical methods in geophysics, USA

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