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This week the GTRAGEODIS seminar is replaced by the the Lama's Plume seminar (in Chambery) which will take place the January Thursday 15 at 10:15, Chablais building, room Thomas Lachand-Robert. The speaker is F. de Vieilleville and his talks will deal with maximal segments and tangent estimators.

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Jeudi 11 Décembre 2008, 14h LIRIS

Guillaume Damiand (LIRIS) : "A Generic and Parallel Algorithm for 2D Image Discrete Contour Reconstruction".

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Talk [pdf].

Comment : The proposed decomposition of the contour produces no more DSS than the number of maximal segments. [Sketch] Each obtained edge can be extended into a maximal segment using the B(.) and F(.) operators. Let us now suppose that there exists two edges contained in a maximal segment, then at some point of the algorithm, these two should have been merged as their union is a DSS, as result we can injectively map each edge of the proposed decomposition into the set of maximal segments.

Mardi 21 Octobre 2008, 14h LAMA

Bat. MontBlanc (numéro 20) salle 205 .

Laurent Vuillon (LAMA) : "Configurations locales dans les plans discrets."

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Talk [pdf].

Associated paper (preprint) [pdf].

Paper with proof of Migniosi formula [pdf].

Jeudi 2 Octobre 2008, 14h LIRIS

Fabien Feschet (LLAIC) : " "

Laurent Fuchs (SIC) : " "

Isabelle Sivignon (LIRIS) : " "

Mardi 11 Mars 2008

Tristan Roussillon : "Description d'objets en géométrie discrète : une mesure de circularité."

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Talk [pdf].

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