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List of participants

The mark (R) indicates the participants that sent us back the small registration form located at the end of the announcements: here.
The star (*) indicates people that did not confirm participation

F. Acquistapace (Pisa, ITALY) June 7-18
A. Anisimowicz (Gdansk, POLAND) (R) June 5-18
F. Bihan (Chambéry, FRANCE) (R) June 6-18
J. Bolte (Paris, FRANCE) (R) June 6-18
S. Buraczewska (Gdansk, POLAND) (R) June 5-16
F. Broglia (Pisa, ITALY) June 5-18
G. Comte (Nice, FRANCE) (R) June 5-18
M. Coste (Rennes, FRANCE) (R) June 5-10
D. D'Acunto (Pisa, ITALY) (R) June 6-18
A. Daniilidis (Barcelona, SPAIN) (R) June 6-18
A. Denkowska (Cracow, POLAND) (R) June 13-18
M. Denkowski (Cracow, POLAND) (R) June 13-18
Z. Denkowska (Angers, FRANCE) (R) June 5-12
S. T. Dinh (Chambéry, FRANCE) (R) June 6-18
W. Domitrz (Warsaw, POLAND) (R) June 5-17
E. Drewczynska (Gdansk, POLAND) (R) June 5-19
A. du Plessis (Aarhus, DENMARK) (R) June 12-17
N. Dutertre (Marseille, FRANCE) (R) June 5-11
A. Dzedzej (Gdansk, POLAND) (R) June 5-18
A. Elkhadiri (Kénitra, MOROCCO) (R) June 5-19
G. Fichou (Rennes, FRANCE) (R) June 12-18
A. Fischer (Chambéry, FRANCE) (R) June 6-18
T. Fouret (ENS Lyon, FRANCE) (R) June 8-18
P. Goldstein (Warsaw, POLAND) (R) June 6-14
V. Grandjean (Bath, UNITED KINGDOM) (R) June 6-18
M. Grochowski (Warsaw, POLAND) (R) June 5-17
Z. Jelonek (Cracow, POLAND) (R) June 5-18
G. O. Jones (Oxford, UNITED KINGDOM) (R) June 5-18
R. Kalman (Zurich, SWITZERLAND) (R) June 6-7
W. Kucharz (Albuquerque, USA) June 6-18
K. Kurdyka (Chambéry, FRANCE) (R) June 6-18
O. Le Gal (Rennes, FRANCE) (R) June 5-17
J.-M. Lion (Rennes, FRANCE) June 7-9
F. Mangolte (Chambéry, FRANCE) (R) June 6-18
M. Merle (Nice, FRANCE) June 5-8
T. Mostowski (*) (Warsaw, POLAND)
R. Moussu (Dijon, FRANCE) (R) June 13-16
D. Mozyrska (Bialystok, POLAND) (R) June 5-17
A. N. Nezhad (Zanjan, IRAN) (R) June 5-19
A. Nowel (Gdansk, POLAND) (R) June 5-18
P. Orro (Chambéry, FRANCE) (R) June 6-18
L. Paunescu (Sydney, AUSTRALIA) June 6-18
A. Parusiński (Angers, FRANCE) second week
F. Pelletier (Chambéry, FRANCE) (R) June 6-18
F. Pieroni (Pisa, ITALY) (R) June 5-11
S. Randriambololona (Chambéry, FRANCE) (R) June 6-18
J.-P. Rolin (Dijon, FRANCE) (R) June 13-16
M-F. Roy (Rennes, FRANCE) (R) June 5-8
F. Sanz (Valladolid, SPAIN) (R) June 12-18
S. Simon (Chambéry, FRANCE) (R) June 6-18
M. Slayman (Chambéry, FRANCE) (R) June 6-18
A. Stasica (Cracow, POLAND) (R) June 5-18
Z. Szafraniec (Gdansk, POLAND) (R) June 5-13
V. Thilliez (Lille, FRANCE) (R) June 5-11
M. Tibăr (Lille, FRANCE)(R) June 9-17
D. Trotman (Marseille, FRANCE) (R)
G. Valette (Cracow, POLAND) (R) June 5-18
Y. Yomdin (Rehevot, ISRAEL) (R) June 5-19