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J. Ayoub, F. Ivorra, J. Sebag, Motives of rigid analytic tubes and nearby motivic sheaves, prépublication soumise pour publication (juin 2013)

P. Cassou-Noguès, M. Raibaut, Newton transformations and motivic invariants of plane curves

W. Castryck, D. Ibadala, A. Lemahieu, The holomorphy conjecture for nondegenerate surface singularities, arxiv
A. Chambert-Loir, F. Loeser, A non-archimedean Ax-Lindemann theorem, arxiv

A. Chambert-Loir, F. Loeser, Motivic height zeta functions, Amer. J. Math.138 (1) (special issue dedicated to the life and work of J.-I. Igusa), p. 1-59 (2016)

R. Cluckers, F. Loeser, I. Halupczock, M. Raibaut, Distributions and wave front sets in the uniform non-archimedean setting

G. Comte, Deformation of singularities and additive invariants, Journal of singularities, Volume 13 (2015), 11-41, pdf

G. Comte, R. Cluckers, D. J. Miller, J. P. Rolin, T. Servi, Integration of oscillatory and subanalytic functions, arxiv

G. Comte, C. Miller, Points of bounded height on oscillatory sets, arxiv

G. Comte, Y. Yomdin, Zeroes and rational points of analytic functions, arxiv

A. Ducros, Families of Berkovich spaces, arxiv

A. Esterov, A. Lemahieu and K. Takeuchi, On the monodromy conjecture for non-degenerate hypersurfaces, arxiv

L. Fantini, D. Turchetti, Galois descent of semi-affinoid spaces, arxiv

G. Fichou, On relative Grothendieck rings and algebraically constructible functions

G. Fichou, Artin approximation compatible with a change of variables, arxiv

A. Forey, Motivic local density, arxiv

F. Ivorra, J. Sebag, Artin motives, weights and motivic nearby fibers

M, Porta, T. Y. Yu, Derived non-archimedean analytic spaces arxiv (to appear in Selecta Mathematica)

M. Porta, T. Y. Yu, Higher analytic stacks and GAGA theorems, Advances in Mathematics 302, 351–409, 2016

T. Y. Yu, Enumeration of holomorphic cylinders in log Calabi-Yau surfaces. I, Mathematische Annalen 366(3), 1649-1675, 2016

T. Y. Yu, Enumeration of holomorphic cylinders in log Calabi-Yau surface, II. Positivity, integrality and the gluing formula arxiv