Small Types Workshop: High Level Languages for Proofs

Date: April 13th and 14th at the LAMA near Chambery


The topic of the workshop is the development of language for proofs that would allow our proof to be

Program and informal proceedings

Participants list

Lucas, Chambery 21:53 ? 15thSimple
Freek, Chambery 21:5315thSimple
Czeslaw, Aix les bains 19h56 ?15thSimple
Adam, Aix les bains 19h56 ?15thSimple
Adam, Aix les bains 19h56 ?15thSimple
Anna, Aix les bains 19h56 ?15thSimple
Robin, Chambery 18:4415thSimple
Mircea Dan Hernestdanher@lix.polytechnique.fr12th, Chambery 10:54 ?15thSimple
Jean Dupratduprat@ens-lyon.fr14th14thNone
Florent Kirchnerflorent.kirchner@inria.fr12th, Chambery 21:5314thDouble
Julien NarbouxJulien.Narboux@inria.fr12th, Chambery 21:5314thDouble
Christophe Raffallichristophe.raffalli@univ-savoie.fr12th15thNone
Patrick Thevenonpatrick.thevenon@univ-savoie.fr12th15thNone
Frederic Ruyerfrederic.ruyer@univ-savoie.fr12th15thNone
René Davidrene.david@univ-savoie.fr12th15thNone

Price and accommodation (hotel "Clos du Lac" at the "Viviers du Lac", near the lake)

Christophe Raffalli
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