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Coming to the Workshop

Bus from Chambéry

Coming from the center of Chambéry or the train station is relatively easy: take the bus 9 toward "Plage". Beware the bus 9 also goes to "université Jacob", but this is another campus...

The timetable for bus 9 from Chambéry is here, and the timetable for bus 9 to Chambéry is here.

Train to Chambéry

The easiest way to come is probably by train: the train station is called "Chambéry Challes les Eaux". (Frequent trains to/from Lyon or Grenoble, some direct trains to/from Paris.)


Find your way to le Bourget du Lac. It is relatively straightforward...


There is a tiny airport in Chambéry, but it is probably easier to fly through Lyon or Geneva. (Grenoble or Torino are also possible.)

Local contacts

If you have any problem, you can contact me (Pierre Hyvernat) in my office (tel: +33 4 79 75 94 22). On campus, my office is in building le Chablais, office 22.

Since I'll probably be busy during the workshop, I'll put additional contacts at some points.

Other Hotels close to the Workshop

There is the possibility to ask for a "CROUS" student room. This is nice for students with a tight budget or people who don't care about high standards and want to stay on the campus.

For people who want to get a room in a more traditional hotel, we usually recommend the following: