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If I trust the participants' reactions, last year's workshop was a success. At the end of the workshop, we had decided to reiterate the experiment, trying to get something a little more organized, but without all the formality of big conferences.

This workshop is about realisability, in its several forms. It is primarily aimed at students or researchers who want to get into this field. Last year highlight consisted in an "intensive" (two days, morning and afternoon) course given by Alexandre Miquel. He tried to give an overview of realisability, both in the traditional (Kleene) and "classical" (Krivine) sense.

This year's highlight will be a course given by Jean-Louis Krivine. Jean-Louis Krivine will explain how his technology can be used to realize non-trivial set-theoretic classical "axioms" (namely the existence of a non-trivial ultrafilter on the powerset of the natural numbers). More details will be available on the program page.

We will have two other invited speakers: Thierry Coquand and Paulo Oliva, who will each have half a day to talk about ... anything they want. (As long as there is some realisability in it.) The subjects of their talks will be announced on the program page.

Just like last year, I am trying to keep this workshop "simple" and accessible to everyone who wants to attend. There are no fees and the university can provide students rooms for cheap. The consequence is that we are not really taking care about anything besides the actual courses and talks (with the occasional coffee). So, all the other expenses (breakfasts, meals, "social dinner") will be at the charge of the participants.



Jean-Louis Krivine will talk about "realizing the ultrafilter on N". More details will be available on the program page. This will take the form of an "intensive course", where the audience is encouraged to ask questions. The course will be approximately 11h long (see the schedule for details), so that Jean-Louis has enough time to do everything he wants to...

Invited Talks

Thierry Coquand and Paulo Oliva will each have 3 hours for a subject of their liking. More details will be available on the page. This will probably take place on the second and third day of the workshop.


During the afternoons of the third and fourth day, we will have usual talks by participants. You are encouraged to submit a talk. Ideally, the talks would be 45 minutes + questions. If there are too many proposals, I'll try to chose objectively, giving priority to students.

Social event

To keep the cost for participants at a strict minimum, there is no official "social dinner". What will probably happen is that we decide on a restaurant, and everyone can attend (and pay for his own meal). Depending on the weather, we may also organize a barbecue at the Lac du Bourget...


Any question about the workshop, the organization, the webpage or anything else is best sent to me (Pierre Hyvernat).

Web: while I'm at it, let me thank Christophe Raffalli and Lionel Vaux who participated in making the web-page what they are. (We wrote them for the TYPES09 workshop.)


The following institutions made the workshop possible: