Who I am

I am a CNRS associated scientist at the Laboratoire de mathématiques (LAMA, UMR CNRS 5127), Université de Savoie, France.

Scientific events

Workshop EDPs² -- Thursday at 1:30pm

Our discussion meeting gives the opportunity for all the members of the EDPs² team (researcher, phd students, post-doctorant) and their invited colleagues to present their forthcoming works or projects in an informal way.

Research interests

My research mainly focuses on the development, the mathematical analysis and the numerical simulation of spatio-temporal models in population dynamics and population genetics: partial differential equations (PDE) and integro-differential equations. My main goals are to understand range expansion or range shift phenomenon as well as the role of endogeneous and exogeneous factor on the diversity of a expanding population. More precisely, here is a list of research topics I am interested in

  • Matematics
  • Nonlinear partial differential equations and integro-differential eqautions;
  • Traveling waves and spreading properties in homogeneous and heterogeneous media;
  • Inside dynamics of traveling wave, transition wave and expanding solution of general parabolic equations;
  • Inverse problems for parabolic equations with non-constant coefficients.
  • Ecology
  • Reaction-dispersion models in homogeneous and heterogeneous media;
  • Population dynamics and population genetics. Mathematical studies of range expansions;
  • Role of the Allee effect and of long distance dispersal events;
  • Effect of climate change on genetic diversity of a population.