Defigeo (2015-2019)
(Definability in non archimedean geometry)
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The use of model theoretic tools in non-archimedean geometry with applications to number theory can be traced back to the work of Ax-Kochen-Ersov on the Artin conjecture in the sixties. Another spectacular application was provided by Denef in the eighties, with his proof of rationality of the Poincaré series associated with the p-adic points on a variety.

More recently, these tools played a central role in the development of motivic integration, initiated by Kontsevich, which led to important applications in fields as diverse as algebraic geometry, number theory or the Langlands program. They also lay at the heart of the recent progress in the study of the topology of Berkovich spaces. The concept of definability has been ubiquitous in all of these achievements.

Our project is based on 3 sites (Univeristy of Rennes 1, University of Savoie, and University Pierre et Marie Curie). It includes researchers with positions in 5 french universities. Different works of the members have enlightened the thin relations between all the themes represented in our project, and underlined the interest to glue together all these skills and approaches.

The main aim of our project is to contribute to strengthen the interactions of these different areas by supporting several actions, like the organization of conferences, the invitation of worldwide researchers, the creation of Post-Doc positions.

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