Department of mathematics of the University of Savoie


Directing Establishments:
University of Savoie and CNRS (UMR 5127)
Sciences and Mountain
Georges Comte
Laure Bastide / Fernanda Mendoca Dos Reis
Bâtiment Le Chablais, Campus Scientifique, 73376 Le Bourget du Lac, France
Phone (secretary):

The Department of Mathematics of the University of Savoie (LAMA) has been set up during the last 15 years around three research teams:

Such a variety of research items in the same department expresses the unity of mathematics in its three components: pures mathematics, applied mathematics and mathematics and computer science. Our common denominator is the quality of fundamental research, and also the interest in applications. This means applications in other sciences (geophysics, physics, biology, mechanics, computer sciences) or in other domains of mathematics (geometry applied in control theory...) or even in pedagogy. This shows the openings of mathematics towards the outside scientific world and our constant efforts to promote interdisciplinary researches.

You may download the four year plan file for the next four years (2010–13). It describes most of our activities in the period 2005–09, as well as some administrative informations. (PDF file, 2 Mo.) and gives our research plans for the next four years (2010–13) (PDF file, 0.5 Mo.)


The LAMA comprises 33 permanent members (1 research director, 5 research assistants, 11 professors, 13 assistant professors, 1 research ingeneer, 1 PRAG, 1 secretary), and at the moment 2 post-doc and 17 Ph.D students.

Research groups: