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News !

Les Journées Jeunes EDPistes, Autran, 20-22 mars 2017.

Organized by Evelyne Miot, Marguerite Gisclon, Didier Bresch and Jimmy Garnier, Les Journées Jeunes EDPistes stays in Autrans close to Grenoble for this 2017 edition. These three days of lectures give the opportunity for any young phd students and post-doctorant in PDE to show up in front of the comunity by giving a talk about their work.

More information on the website: https://jef17.sciencesconf.org/
Symposium on Geometry Processing Software Award

The generic and collaborative C++ open source library for Digital Geometry programming DGtal received the « Symposium on Geometry Processing Software Award » 2016 !

Congratulations to Jacques-Olivier Lachaud, initiator of the project and Roland Denis, important contributor, both winners of the prize !

This prize rewards an open-source high quality software or library around the thema of shape geometry processing.

Issued from a collaboration betwwen the LAMA and the LIRIS Labs, the collaborative project DGtal is now a standard in the international discrete geometry research field.

LAMA's day
LAMA's day will be on Wednesday July 5: the program is available following this link (french only PDF).
HCERES report
HCERES report is available (french only PDF): Evaluation file, Evaluation summary, Detailled evaluation

Next seminars

EDPs²Friday 5th May 2017 à 14h Antoine Henrot (Université de Lorraine),
Deux fonctionnelles faisant intervenir le maximum de la fonction torsion

GéométrieThursday 11th May 2017 à 14h Witold Respondek (Insa Rouen),
À venir

LIMDThursday 4th May 2017 à 10h Karim Nour (LAMA),

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