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A concerted Maths-Numerics-Physics approach to achieve a multi-scale understanding of the flow of disordered materials
(research project financed by Agence Nationale de la Recherche, 2009-2012)

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In this project, we aim at proposing a multi-scale modelling approach for the flow of such soft-glassy materials, in any geometry of confinement. To this aim we have set up an interdisciplinary consortium gathering experimentalists, theoretical physicists, and mathematicians. We propose a macroscopic phenomenological model accounting for non-local effects, as well as a hierarchy of kinetic descriptions of the complex spatio-temporal collective dynamics from the micro- to macro- scales, providing an out-of-equilibrium statistical physics description. From the mathematical point of view, we want to analyze the links between the different levels of description in order to introduce asymptotic-preserving schemes to obtain reliable numerical simulations. These models are validated both by a novel experimental approach, taking benefit of microfluidic tools and state-of-the-art optical investigation techniques, as well as numerical "particle-level" approaches (Molecular Dynamics and level-set simulations).


Coordinator Lydéric Bocquet
Phone (+33) 4 72 44 82 53
Fax (+33) 4 72 43 26 48
Address Condensed Matter Lab
Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 et UMR CNRS 5586 43 boulevard du 11 novembre 1918 69622 Villeurbanne Cedex

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