AMIS 2012

Applied Mathematics In Savoie 2012

19-22 June 2012

Université de Savoie, Le Bourget du Lac, France

Multiphase flow in industrial and environmental engineering

“A meeting between Engineers and Applied Mathematicians”

Industrial flows or environmental ones are involved in a large area of engineering: hydraulics pipe design, hydroelectric plant pipe network, pipeline for the extraction of oil, cooling system in nuclear plant, urban sewer network of a city ...

Generally, these types of flows are multiphase and multifluid. This workshop will gather the community of applied mathematicians and the large community of researchers in industrial and environmental engineering. The workshop will focus on mathematical modeling, construction and properties of numerical methods and practical experiments, ....

There are no fees for people attending the workshop and the lunch meals are taken in charge by the organization. Young researchers are welcome to present a contribution.

The proceedings of the Workshop are published in ESAIM Proceedings, Vol. 40, July 2013.

Scientific committee

Organising committee

Christian Bourdarias and Stéphane Gerbi

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